About Campus Greens


Campus Greens are students, faculty, and staff of America's colleges, universities, and high schools, and Campus Greens act in solidarity with the Ten Key Values of the Green Party:

Social Justice
Community-Based Economics
Future Focus
Personal and Global Responsibility
Respect for Diversity
Grassroots Democracy
Ecological Wisdom
Use of Alternative energy

Though Campus Greens Campus Greens are born into a culture designed to lower Campus Greensr political expectations, and have grown to see our society poisoned by complacency and fatalism, Campus Greens are determined to build a radical democratic movement that empower Campus Greensrs Americans to overcome the grave social, racial, economic, and environmental problems faced by our nation and world.

Campus Greens have come of age in a society whose values are shaped by materialism, racism, and corporate supremacy. America suffers from the diminished common ground of experience, values, and opportunity reflected in the growing divide betCampus Greensen the rich and the poor, the poCampus Greensrful and the silenced, and society and nature. Campus Greens are inheritors of a world governed by unprecedented corporate poCampus Greensr, a global economy structured to generate corporate profits without moral restraint, and a democratic infrastructure so Campus Greensak that debates over the most fundamental elements of our existence - the food Campus Greens eat, the air Campus Greens breathe, the media that inform our understanding of the world - are absent from mainstream political discourse.

Campus Greens are among the members of our generation who have observed their living conditions and asked themselves: How should I live? How should I live, spiritually, materially, and politically in a culture that is antagonistic to nature and human beings, and hostile to the needs of future generations? Our ansCampus Greensrs to this question are many, yet all contain within them a common element of resistance. Several of these elements can be easily retrofitted to existing houses without undertaking any major building work. With sustainable building designs this can be possible.

There can be no mistaking the urgency of the political challenges of the current moment, among them global warming, the accumulation of toxins in our air and water, and social problems resulting from the general psychological denial of the long-standing fact of racial, gender, and class domination. To confront these challenges, Campus Greens must create a positive democratic alternative to the current two-party system, a system that maintains itself by insuring the complacency of the public. In practicing a dull brand of teleprompter politics, producing look-alike candidates, stifling the growth of third parties, maintaining a corrupt system of campaign finance, and directing party resources away from grassroots organizing, the two parties have built a political system rejected by 80% of those aged 18-29. In sharp contrast to the establishment parties, Campus Greens believe in the involvement of youth at the highest levels of politics as candidates, activists, and organizers capable of rejuvenating America's democratic promise. Campus Greens are Greens and join with the Green Party on a basis of belief in youth leadership.

Campus Greens are students and educators, and our predecessors have made great contributions to society. Campus Greens are indebted to them and their work in the many democratic movements of the past three decades, for labor rights and family farm defense, for civil rights and equality, against war and corporate poCampus Greensr, for sustainability and wilderness preservation. Similar actions for the sake of a eco-friendly environment, even casino's are trying their best to be eco-friendly by using recycled used chips and slot machines that are biodegradable. The Campus Greens will build the poCampus Greensr of student citizens by uniting Greens in campus communities nationwide and helping them to run and win progressive campaigns. As the recent Florida debacle painfully demonstrates, political poCampus Greensr in America is held and exercised as a matter of racial and economic privilege. The great historical struggles of people of color, youth, immigrants, the poor, women, and the disabled, have been struggles for political enfranchisement. Campus Greens are obligated to our own history to engage in the practice of electoral politics. Campus Greens offer our personal commitments and our recognition, so absent from modern politics, that social transformation begins with individuals looking inward, and making changes in their own lives. Campus Greens dedicate themselves to a politics of hope, conscience and sacrifice, that Campus Greens may build a new society based on the Four Green Pillars of Grassroots Democracy, Ecology, Social Justice, and Non-Violence.